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SCHOOL UNIFORM (named clearly)
Black school blazer with the Brigshaw logo
Plain white long or short sleeved shirt with stiff collar. (Not a 'revere' collar and must fasten at the neck)
Plain black trouser or skirt (knee length) with Brigshaw logo
Black footwear - no trainer, boots, or canvas shoes or pumps will be allowed (see brochure for guidance)

Tie, in house colour (clip on)  

Optional school V neck jumper, with Brigshaw logo (male and female) - sleeves full length



PE Kit (not needed until 14th September onwards)

Girls  White PE polo shirt (with optional school logo), plain navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms (for Winter optional for Summer), Brigshaw leggings (optional) but if purchased must have the school logo on. navy blue/black shorts, navy blue hockey socks, Brigshaw navy blue sport hoody (optional), sport trainers (NO PUMPS).

Boys  White PE polo shirt (with school logo version is optional), plain navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms (for Winter, optional for the Summer), plain navyl blue/black shorts, navy blue rugby socks, navy blue and white rugby top, sport trainers (NO PUMPS). Football boots are also required.

All PE Kit should be marked with the student's name. Due to health and safety reasons, it is essential that all pupils have correct sport trainers. Also, all jewellery must be removed and hair tied back. If a pupil has an illness or injury it is expected that pupils have a written note in the planner. Pupils are also expected to still bring their PE kit so they can still be part of the lesson and have a role such as umpire/coach/scorer. 


Shoes must be formal and plain black and free from embellishments and decorations. No trainer like shoes, boots, pumps or canvas/fabric shoes are allowed (including 'Vans'). Heels should be 'wedge' and no higher than 2.5cm/1 inch. (Please refer to the on-line brochure for guidance)


Hairstyles and colour must be natural. Hair that is not considered to be natural (eg blues and purples) is not allowed. Lines or patterns cut into hair styles are not allowed (no shorter than blade/grade 2). No scarves or bandanas are allowed (unless for religious reasons). Hair accessories must be black. Hair lengths must be blended in. Students with long hair must be prepared to tie it back for health and safety reasons when required.


Jewellery and makeup should be kept to a minimum - a watch, studs in ears (no larger than 5p piece) and one charity style bracelet. Facial piercings are not permitted. Fake tan is not permitted.

Outdoor Coats

Outdoor coats/hoodies/scarves and gloves should be removed at the entrance to school buildings as outdoor wear is not permitted indoors.


Students require a school bag which can fit in a school planner and A4 workbooks. 


Tights must be plain black opaque (not patterned) and a minimum of 40 denier. Nothing else should be worn on top or under the tights such as additional socks. 

Nail Polish

Nail polish and any type of flase nails (including clear gels, acrylics, extensions, shellac etc) are not allowed. Nails should be short to allow safe access to technology machinery and to be able to take part in PE, type on a keyboard and play the keyboard in music. 

Ordering Uniform:

  • Uniform can be purchased online using this link Trutex Website and the code LEA00962SC or alternatively there are Trutex account stores – Better and Bright, Market Place, Carlton St, Castleford WF10 1BG , or APC in Tadcaster, Unit 6a Guardian Park, Station Road Industrial Estate, Tadcaster LS24 9SG. Please be aware that prices may vary from these suppliers when compared to the online store.
  • Leaflets will be handed to students once uniform sizing has taken place.  These can then be used to order the uniform on line or be taken to Better and Bright or APC.
  • Any student who has missed their uniform sizing appointment at the School needs to order uniform online.  Incorrect fitting uniform can be exchanged online free of charge.
  • There will be links put on the website for extra uniform that can be purchased – plain white shirts can be purchased anywhere as long as they have a stiff oxford collar, a top button and can be tucked in.

Click here for guidance notes

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Click here for special ENews uniform edition.

Click here for size guide, order codes and price list.

Click here for a link to our brochure. 


Parent Pay shop will allow you to pay for items such as kit, art pads, stationery, revision guides and also to hire a locker. Click here.   



If a pupil has an illness or injury it is expected that pupils have a written note from a parent or carer written in their planners. Pupils are also expected to still bring their PE kit so they can still be a part of their lesson and have a role such as umpire/coach/scorer.