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    The Brigshaw Learning Partnership (BLP) is the Admitting Authority for Brigshaw High School.

    New Year 7 Intake

    The BLP  works with the local authority who provide a coordinated admission scheme for Y7 entry into Leeds secondary schools. Applications for Y7 admission to Brigshaw High School for September 2022 entry must be made by completing the Local Authority’s Common Application Form, naming BRIGSHAW HIGH SCHOOL as a preference on the form which can be obtained from: Leeds City Council Admissions Team.  An online application facility will be available during the application period Saturday 1 August 2021 to 31 October 2021. The closing date for applications is 31 October 2021. The online system must be used as a means of expressing up to five school preferences by parents resident in Leeds. 

    After the closing date for applications the LA will forward details of the applications to the BLP,  who must determine and apply our admissions arrangements to all applications.

    Admission authorities (the BLP)are required to inform the Leeds City Council admission team of the ranked order of all applications following the priorities listed in the Admissions Policy.

    Parents will receive no more than one offer of a school place from the local authority and:

    a place will be offered at the highest ranking preference for which a place may be available
    if a place cannot be offered at a preferenced school and the address is in Leeds, a place will be offered at the closest school with places available
    if a place cannot be offered at a preferred school, and the address is not in Leeds, the home authority will be responsible for allocating an alternative school

    Parents/carers will be notified of decisions on places allocated for September during the first few days of March. If a parent/carer does not receive a letter from the Admissions Team within the first week of March, they should contact them direct on 0113 222 4414.

    Once a parent/carer receives notification from Leeds City Council that their child has been allocated a place in Year 7 at Brigshaw High School, they will also receive a welcome letter from the school.  If a letter from Brigshaw has not been received by 5th March, parents should then contact the school directly to accept or decline the place on offer. This can be done by calling 0113 2878900 and asking to speak to our Admissions Administrator or by emailing office@brigshaw.com marking the email for the attention of the Admissions Administrator.

    Applying for a school outside your council area:

    If you live in Leeds you should submit your application to Leeds Local Authority, even if you want to apply for a school outside of Leeds. 

    If you live outside Leeds and want to apply for a Leeds school, you should submit your application to your council.

    Should a parent/carer choose to decline the place allocated, they will be asked to follow this up with a letter clearly stating their reasons for doing this and this can either be emailed to office@brigshaw.com or posted to:-

    Brigshaw High School, Brigshaw Lane, Allerton Bywater, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 2HR


    If you are not offered a place at Brigshaw High School you can request to be added to the waiting list for the school. The waiting list will be maintained until the end of the summer term (July 2023)

    Appeal arrangements for Year 7 intake

    If you have not been offered a place at Brigshaw Highs School, you are entitled to appeal this decision. Please see below for appeal timetable and Click here for Appeal Form. Appeals are heard by panels which are independent of the ​council, schools, admission authorities and governing bodies. The panel follows the School Admission Appeals Code drawn up by the Department for Education with advice from the Local Government Ombudsman. Leeds City Council manage the appeals service for Brigshaw High school. Their online appeal form can be found here.

    Appeals happen in two parts. First you appeal in writing and then you attend an appeal hearing which may be virtual. You need to clearly set out the reasons why your child should have a place at your preferred school in your appeal form.

    Applications received after the closing date of 31 October 2021

    The closing date for applications to be received in school, directly to the local authority or online in the normal admission round is 31 October.

    The local authority will endeavour to process any applications received until 28 November 2021. After 28 November 2021, late applications will be considered only after all on time applications unless there are significant or exceptional reasons (submitted in writing). Late applications will be considered before placements are made (where no preference could be met).

    Change of Preference

    Parents will not be allowed to change their preferences after 28 November unless there are genuine exceptional reasons, for example, if they move home after this date.


    School transfer (In-year) applications

    The Leeds In-year Common Preference Form (ICPF) should be submitted to the Local Authority.  The LA will act as a clearing house for the application by forwarding details of the application to the BLP. Once the ICPF has been received from the LA, Brigshaw staff will make a series of checks in relation to attendance and behaviour of the applicant with the previous school. An admissions decision will be made by the admitting authority (BLP) and a letter advising the parent of the decision will be sent.  If the application is rejected, a letter will be sent to the parents/carers advising them of the reasons the application has been declined and offering the right of appeal. 

    Cases which have been declined because they do not meet Fair Access Criteria and where prejudice to efficient education would be caused by admitting the pupil, will be referred to the Fair Access Panel with Leeds City Council Admissions team.

    Please click on the link below to download ICPF form for completion. 

    In Year Common Preference Form

    Appeals for an in year transfer place 2021-22

    If your application for an In-Year Transfer place has been refused by the BLP academy trust, you have the right to appeal against the decision.

    An appeal must be made in writing. Please return the completed appeal form within 20 school days* of your child having been refused a place at the High school (“the deadline”). Appeals received by the deadline will be heard as soon as possible. However at the current time it may take more than 30 school days for hearings to be convened.
    If you do not return the completed appeal form to us by the deadline, we will still hear your appeal, but it will be held later in the year.

    For appeals where class size legislation does not apply ie all in year admissions into Brigshaw High School (often known as prejudice appeals), the appeal panel must consider:

    • whether the admission arrangements (including the area’s co-ordinated admission arrangements) complied with the mandatory requirements of the School Admissions Code and Part 3 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998
    • whether the admission arrangements were correctly and impartially applied in the case in question

    The appeal panel must then decide whether the admission of an additional pupil would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources.

    Where the panel is satisfied that prejudice would be caused by a further admission, they must then balance the prejudice to the school against the parent/carer’s case for the child to be admitted. This second stage is called “the balancing of arguments”. Stage 2 of the appeal hearing provides you, as the parent/carer, the opportunity to outline the reasons why you feel your child should be admitted into the school. Following the hearing, the panel will consider both arguments and decided which argument outweighs the other.

    Our 2021/22 admissions policy can be found here

    Our 2022/23 admissions policy can be found here 


    Admissions Policy Appendix- Post 16 Admissions Policy 21/22

    Admissions Policy Appendix- BHS Catchment map  click here

    Admissions Policy Appendix- BLP Supplementary Information Form click here

    Admissions Policy Appendix- BLP Supplementary Information Form for medical needs click here


    Timetable for Y7 entry 2022

    National Offers Day

    1st  March 2022

    Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal

    (please return appeal forms to the academy)

    29th March 2022

    Dates on which Year 7 appeal hearings will be held

    May to July 2022 

    Appeals received by first cut-off date will be heard within 40 school days.