• Ethos and Core Values

  • Ethos and Core Values

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    Here at Brigshaw High School, we firmly believe the two most important activities are learning and teaching. Our core values ensure that we are committed to developing:

    lifelong learners by recognising and unlocking each individual’s promise and potential. We hope they will enjoy their time at Brigshaw, and leave with an active love of learning, as critical thinkers with open and enquiring minds.

    Active citizens who engage with their community at local, national and international level with a strong social and environmental conscience.

    Tolerant, humane young people who respect others’ differences, values and cultures, and have a generosity of spirit. We support and value
    all who study, work and play here by providing a safe, inclusive and secure environment in which to grow and learn.

    Resilience and celebrating young people’s efforts and successes across the full range of personal, social, academic and extra-curricular activities and experiences we offer.

    Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline by encouraging high expectations and high aspirations and a sense of pride in, and belonging to, our learning community.

    Knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience to enable them to play a full part in the world of work, training, further and higher education, according to their abilities and aptitudes.

    A sense of morality and an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, encouraging our students to take responsibility for their actions.
    As part of the Brigshaw Learning Partnership we also embrace the following co-operative values:

    Self-help – helping people to help themselves

    Self-responsibility – being responsible for our own actions and playing a full part

    Democracy – having an equal say in how things are run

    Equality – everybody should be treated justly and fairly

    Equity – all members have an equal right to be informed

    Solidarity - taking collective responsibility and supporting other co-operatives and Honesty, Openness, Social Responsibility, Caring For Others