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    When is the stand down date for Year 11 students?
    The official stand down date for Year 11 pupils is the end of June. At this point, most examinations should be complete. Students can apply for employment and go on holiday after this date. It is against the law for pupils to work before this date.

    Can I book a holiday during Term Time?
    Since September 2013, the Government brought in new guidelines with regards to holidays during term time. While Brigshaw High School continues to try and work with parents/carers as flexibly as possible, please note that holidays during term time will not be authorised unless the circumstances can be described as 'exceptional'. Holiday requests will be considered on an individual basis and should be sent to Mrs Williams, Headteacher

    My child has been / is going to be absent. Should I ask for work to be sent home?
    Absences can have a big impact on GCSE subjects so it is important that all work is completed. If the absence is to be less than a week, pupils should see their subject teachers on their return and ask for any work they have missed. They can also ask other pupils for notes. If the absence is to be longer, please call the school who will arrange for work to be sent home.

    Should I buy revision guides?
    Many shops sell excellent revision guides which are good for general revision. However, many of our subject areas in school have produced individual revision guides which are designed specifically for the exams. These can be purchased from the subject area.

    I don't understand about the examinations or the courses. How can I help my child revise?
    Even if you do not feel confident in the subjects, how you support at home can have a really positive effect. Simply giving them a quiet place to work, supporting them by ensuring they have time to revise and giving them praise will go a long way. Helping them create a revision timetable is a great way to encourage organisation.

    Who do I contact if I have any concerns?
    Your first contact should be with one of the form tutors. You can do this with either a note in their planner or a phone call. For more serious concerns you can contact the following staff:

    • Mrs Kibble House Leader for Wilberforce (Green)
    • Mr Hudson House Officer for Wilberforce
    • Mrs Garner House Leader for Hepworth (Yellow)
    • Mrs Wilcock House Officer for Hepworth
    • Mr Lee House Leader for Rowntree (Red)
    • Mrs Hepworth House Officer for Rowntree
    • Ms Barnie House Leader for Bronte (Blue)
    • Mr Jones House Officer for Bronte

    Kathryn Oswald Attendance Officer

    An absence can be reported by phone or by simply emailing the school. We are also more than happy to contact you by email if it is difficult to get to a phone during school hours. The email address is office@brigshaw.com

    Which websites should I use for revision and are they effective?
    Using the internet is a great way to revise but should be used to support and not replace other revision. Visit our E-learning zone and our revision guide section has lots of different ideas for revising too!

    However, there are many fantastic websites out there and these are easy to use! Below you can find some specifically chosen by subject areas.

    If you can't find the information you are looking for please contact the school office on 0113 2878900 or email office@brigshaw.com