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    We encourage all students to participate in the Work Experience, for Y12 we set aside a one week block but we also encourage both years to participate in ongoing placements to support their future ambitions.  For students applying to some university courses, work experience is a requirement. For others it may be an integral part of a BTEC course.  For all students it will provide them with a valuable experience of the workplace and the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge to support their future career goals.

    You will be given support before, during and after your placement to ensure you have a successful experience in a relevant, safe and friendly environment

    Our provider for work experience is NYBEP, students can source their own placements, but NYBEP will conduct all health and safety checks on behalf of school.

    They also provide us with access to a library of known work experience providers at https://nybep.work-experience.co.uk/Login. This can be accessed using the username and password Brigshaw2020.

    If you have any further queries regarding work experience, Mr Rimington will be more than happy to assist.