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  • Home School Agreement

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    At the beginning of each year we will join you in signing a home school agreement. Additional copies can be downloaded by clicking the link below:


    Pupil Name: ………………………………

    Tutor Group: ………………… Year: ….

    As a school we will: 

    • have high expectations of pupils’ achievement
    • provide a safe, secure and supportive environment
    • provide a framework for good behaviour and discipline by promoting and requiring personal and moral values such as respect for others, good manners, honesty and truthfulness
    • deliver the national curriculum and other educational opportunities, including basic skills such as reading, writing, numeracy and information and communication technology
    • meet pupils’ special needs according to funding provision, resources and teacher expertise
    • create and maintain a stimulating learning environment
    • provide information to parents and carers about the progress, attainment and learning attitudes of each pupil, including an annual written report
    • set home learning that is appropriate to the needs and age of each pupil

     As a parent/carer I/we will 

    • support and co-operate with the school and its policies
    • inform the school of problems and concerns and in partnership try to solve them
    • provide a suitable environment for home learning and ensure that home learning is completed
    • ensure full attendance and punctuality
    • follow government guidance by not taking holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances
    • ensure a child is appropriately presented, dressed and equipped for school in accordance with school policy, procedures and requirements in the prospectus and/or student planner
    • attend parent interviews and appropriate meetings
    • support the school rules on behaviour and discipline 

    As a pupil I will:

    • Respect the rights of everyone to learn and the teacher to teach
    • Present a positive image of myself and my school
    • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
    • Take care of the school building and equipment
    • Move around the school sensibly