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    We work very closely with primary schools to make sure that the transition to Brigshaw is as smooth as possible  and we always try to make sure that our new Year 7 pupils have someone they know in their group. 

    Our Transition Programme begins with our Open Day in the September of Year 6 where families have the opportunity to visit our school, speak to students, staff and look around.

    Following the National Offer Day in March of Year 6 we arrange meetings with parents and students either at Brigshaw or at their own school detailing the arrangements leading up to their child starting in September.

    We visit every child in the May of Year 6 to start to build relationships and speak to the teachers who know them the best to find out what makes them who they are.

    During June our Virtual Middle School Week gives primary schools from the Brigshaw Learning Partnership the opportunity to learn at Brigshaw with their Year 6 teacher and also to be taught by our staff. All children from the primary school attend, this is not dependent on their high school choice.

    Students spend New Intake Day with us in July and where needed additional visits can be arranged.

    Year 7 curriculum aims to help pupils bridge the gap from primary to secondary school, building on the excellent work at Key Stage Two and making the most of our specialist staff. Pupils follow the National Curriculum plus other subjects to ensure they develop all aspects of their learning. These subjects include: Art, Dance, Drama, English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, PE, RE, Science, Technology, and PHSCE.

    Some pupils require additional support when making the transition to secondary school and we provide this support through Inclusion and other learning support strategies. These needs are identified during our conversations with primary partners and through conversations with families.

    Over the course of the year there are many opportunities that children from the Brigshaw Learning Partnership primary schools have to visit Brigshaw; Virtual Middle School Week, sporting activities and music days to name a few.