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    Introductory Message July 2021

    Mrs Ali - Transition Leader

    "We are very much looking forward to meeting our new year 7 students in person. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented some challenges this year preventing many of our traditional transition activities from taking place. I want to reassure students and parent/carers that your secure transition to Brigshaw is at the forefront of our planning and we will continue to provide as much support as possible to ensure that students feel prepared and ready to start with us. We have prepared a range of resources for you (see the link at the bottom of the page)".


    New Year 7 Students

    We work closely with our primary schools to make sure that the transition to Brigshaw is as smooth as possible. The benefits of our comprehensive transition process will be that:

    • Pupils arrive at Brigshaw confident and secure in their next step
    • Parents are both fully aware and informed at all stages of how school life will change
    • Pupils are allocated to a suitable form and teaching group, based on pastoral and academic information from primary school
    • Learning is able to begin quickly in September

    We visit every child in May of year 6 to start to build relationships. During June our Virtual Middle School week gives primary schools which form part of the Brigshaw Learning Partnership (BLP) the opportunity to learn at Brigshaw with their year 6 teacher and also to be taught by our staff. In July students spend New Intake Day with us. If students need additional support in making this transition, we have teams of support staff to help. We encourage regular communication with teaching staff and parent/carers to ensure that the move to high school is a positive experience.

    Once at Brigshaw, the year 7 curriculum aims to help bridge the gap from primary to secondary school, building on the excellent work at Key Stage 2 and making the most of specialist staff.


    Important members of the Transition Team

    Mrs Zoe Ali - Assistant Headteacher & Transition Leader

    Mrs Marie Garner - Hepworth House Leader and Year 7 Leader

    Mrs Liz Wood - Director of Learning - SEND


    Transition Resources

    Click here for our introductory presentation

    Click here for our resources folders

    Click here for our transition timeline video

    Click here for our transition staff welcome video

    Click here for our Virtual Open Day