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    We believe that all our students should have the opportunity to participate in, contribute to and lead as many things as possible. Click on this link to see the structure that ensures all students have the chance to make a difference.

    Below is a brief summary or our student leadership roles and what they involve:

     What is the role?What does the role involve? Who can have this role? 
    House President Leads House Council meetings, sits in the School Parliament and leads in the creation of the Houses ethos and community. Represents the student body at sub-committee meetings of the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team.  Sixth Form students apply and are interviewed for this role. 
    House Captain Leads the House Council meetings, creates a House community/identity and assists with House assemblies and competitions. Encourages members of the House to take part in activities and events. Promotes the House ethos.   Year 11 students apply and are interviewed for this role. 
    House Vice-Captain Assists the House Captain to lead House Council meetings, create a House community/identity. Supports the House Captain in encouraging members of the House in participating in activities and charity events. Promotes the House ethos.    Students from Years 8-10 apply and are interviewed for this role. 
    Form Captain Represents their forms views, attends regular House Council meetings, leads form time consultations and encourages their form to get involved with Inter-House competitions with support from their vice-captain. One pupil from either Year 10 or 11 is elected in each form. 
    Form Vice-Captain Represents the views of their form and supports the Form Captain when needed. Attends some House Council meetings. One pupil from Years 7 - 9 is elected in each form.

     Subject Committees


     Students from all year groups are invited to sit on Subject Committees. Subject Committees report to School Parliament. They meet to look at learning within a subject, extra curricular opportunities and how the subject can be promoted. They suggest ideas for improvement in the subject. Students from all year groups.